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The beauty and biodiversity of marine ecosystems is one of the main reasons people are drawn to the oceans, rivers and lakes of our world. Boats are so popular because they allow you to experience the majesty of these marine environments first hand, in a way that purely terrestrial beings will never fathom.

But the oceans are not simple passive landscapes. They can be calm and smooth as a pane of glass, or erupt into a tumultuous maelstrom of foam and fury. Navigating them requires very special means, and these chariots of the seas we call boats, ships and yachts require a level of care as unique and specialised as the waterways they are built to navigate.

Building and repairing boats is an artform. The knowledge of skilled shipwrights has been tested, honed, and passed down through countless generations. The best shipwrights of today blend the time honoured traditions of yesteryear’s artisan craftsman with the technological marvels of modern materials and design. This is the approach that makes RS Shipwrights a leader in our field of ship repair.

Operating on the East Coast of NSW, Australia and covering from Nelson's Bay to Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hawkesbury river region and North Sydney, RS Shipwrights is the clear choice when you are seeking outstanding quality shipwright work. We provide a complete shipwright service including Fibreglass repairs, marine carpentry, paint and gelcoat work and repairs, polishing and detailing, antifouling and underwater repairs, and all insurance work.

Contact us for a quote on any and all repairs that require the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail. We are a mobile operation and can come to you anywhere in our working area. This gives you the choice of the most convenient shipyard without sacrificing the quality of shipwrights or the final result of your work.


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